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A team of unique one-of-a-kind creatures capable of EVOLVING into AMAZING ANIMALS, possess the most incredible ABILITIES and have the mission of Protecting the Galapagos Islands, the animals, its inhabitants and visitors.


Blue Squad is an action-adventure preschool/bridge series with amusing touches of comedy, which follows the journeys of four native Galapagos animals -Nimble, Strappy, Ray and Leaper- with the ability to Get Evolved into amazing animals with incredible abilities. With the help of two junior park rangers -Milla and Justin- and a nature scientist -Karla-, they will fulfill their mission to protect the Galapagos Islands from constant threats that endanger the balance of all the species that live there (whether humans, animals or nature itself), demonstrating that together we can generate positive change to make the world a better place.

Blue Squad

About Galapagos Islands

The adventures expand to the entire area included in the Galapagos archipelago, revealing the wonders that make up the biodiversity of it’s islands, seeking to convey the importance of the harmonious coexistence between humans, animals and nature.

San Cristobal Island

Composed of five main zones:
Lighthouse - Scientific Station - University - Port - Urban Center

All of them make up the main environments where the characters live, help and interact with inhabitants, tourists and other animals on a day to day basis until…

A mission arises that the Blue Squad must solve!

Blue Squad

Together they share the TOP SECRET of how they

Blue Squad
Blue Squad


Indestructible Shell!

Nimble, the Giant Tortoise, is your older friend who always has a word of encouragement for others and thanks to a quick and agile mind he can analyze and harmonize each point of view, promoting the collective good over the individual and solving the problems that arise in their adventures. The possessor of an expansive tortoise memory, Nimble always has a curious fact regarding the biodiversity of the islands that will help Blue Squad get out of more than just a few situations, which makes him the undisputed brains of the team.

When he GETS EVOLVED, Nimble is able to stand up on two legs and obtain great physical strength along with ultra high speed that allows him to swim and run faster than anyone on the island, managing to reach places in record time that need the help of the Blue Squad. In addition, he is equipped with a powerful and indestructible shell that works as a protective shield and a toolbox in which he stores technological gadgets, such as the Squad-Pad (a modern tablet) that helps him in his adventures, although sometimes these artifacts get lost among a never-ending amount of items that he accumulates inside his shell. And although he’s already a giant tortoise he can change into massive sizes when he needs to.

10 years old. He likes to spin around on his shell, even though he has a hard time getting back on his feet.


Magma Claws!

Strappy the marine iguana is your exuberant energy-filled friend who always gets the group into action. Thanks to her habit of sunbathing every morning, Strappy possesses a super-charged energy to constantly be on the move. With this level of vitality, Strappy is restless, curious and always accomplishes what she sets out to do, demonstrating the value of doing things without fear or of being wrong, because valuable lessons are drawn from mistakes. Proactive and with a high self-esteem, Strappy is the one who most enjoys the double identity of being an amazing animal, generating crazy moments of action and adventure that make her the engine of the team.

When she GETS EVOLVED, Strappy gains the reflexes, stamina, and agility of an Olympic gymnast, allowing her to always be on the front line of the action and adventures of the team. Additionally, she can turn her iguana claws into cool volcanic magma claws that have the ability to heat different elements including the ocean, the wind and the rocks... although sometimes her volcanic drive get her into heated trouble.

8 years old. She likes all competitions... but only the competitions in which she wins.

Blue Squad
Blue Squad


Elastic-fantastic power!

Leaper the sea lion is your clownish little friend who is loved by everyone for his funny and playful spirit. He is a charming and lazy glutton who is often difficult to get into action, but once in motion Leaper is a dazzling, talkative comedian who is able to break the ice in any situation thanks to his sympathy, his positive feelings and his fascinating twirls and juggling. His tender sensitivity allows him to always put himself in the other's place and thus understand how to help them, making Leaper the humor and empathy of the team.

When he GETS EVOLVED, Leaper is able to stretch his body at will like a rubber band, turning into fun and amazing shapes. With this level of plasticity, he can even use his blubbery body as a trampoline that can absorb all kinds of objects to bounce them back from where they came from... although sometimes Leaper gets ejected along with them.

6 years old. He likes to eat all kinds of food, his all-time favorite being the delicious and crunchy seaweed nuggets.


Magnetic Rays!

Ray the blue booby bird is your eccentric and clueless friend who always surprises you with her witty wisecracks. Her motto of "a life with more ideas is a life with fewer problems", constantly helps to decompress the tension that is experienced in the moments of greater danger in their adventures, thanks to wild solutions that offer high doses of comedy. This makes her look like a clueless daydreamer with her head in the clouds, but in reality, Ray always demonstrates the value of thinking outside the box to find new ways to overcome obstacles, personifying the team's playful imagination.

When she GETS EVOLVED, Ray can use her blue legs to focus and attract electrical and magnetic energy from clouds, the sky, and beyond. This ability grants her ultra vision to allow her to see great distances, as well as levitating any object and move it at will. In addition to this, thanks to the flapping of her wings she can generate hurricane winds that make her a magician of the skies... although sometimes her tricks turn against her when she gets distracted by thinking about pretty much anything else except the task at hand.

6 years old. She likes to make up jokes that she never remembers, and when she remembers them, they sounded funnier than they really are.

Blue Squad
Blue Squad
Blue Squad

The only ones who know the
Blue Squad’s secret!


Afro-Ecuadorian nature researcher in charge of the scientific station that she leads from her ultra-technological wheelchair, which she has named Darwin. Thanks to her expertise in Galapagos biodiversity, Karla guides and collaborates with the Blue Squad on all their adventures, being in charge of illustrating the causes, risks and consequences of the threats they face.

The adult of the team, she often explains why it’s special that the group is made up of different ethnic backgrounds and that they can all work together for the same goal..

Blue Squad
Blue Squad


Junior Coast Guard from abroad, an expert in all things water with a high knowledge of sailing, diving, surfing and everything that involves aquatic abilities. Daughter to foreign parents who are teaching marine biology at the local university, Milla is always on top of jet skis, zodiacs and incredible underwater equipment with which she will lend a hand to the Blue Squad in their adventures.

Milla has a bold and adventurous personality that makes her capable of constantly facing challenges and trying new things, especially when it comes to topics related to the ocean and it's marine life.


Native to The Galapagos Islands, Junior Park Ranger, expert in land, air and everything that an off-road spirit can offer. Justin will always be there just at the right time riding mountain bikes, 4x4 buggies, hang gliders and even rescue helicopters, with which he will help the Blue Squad with whatever challenge faces them.

Justin has a disciplined and optimistic personality, providing innovative solutions to problems and faces challenges with an open and creative mindset, but obeying the rules that all Junior Park Rangers must follow.

Blue Squad
Blue Squad

In search of the power of
evolution from the Galapagos Islands!


Brilliant and evil Bio Hacker who serves as the leader of the antagonistic duo. A Lex Luthor-type evil genius who constantly designs highly polluting industrial robots with which she seeks to seize all kinds of samples, be it geological, flora and fauna within the Galapagos Islands. She’s convinced that this way she’ll be able to find the evolutionary power that grants the fascinating abilities of the Blue Squad, and once she succeeds, she’ll be able to create a legion of animals evolved for evil. Chantal used to work at the science station with Karla but felt that the animals should be controlled within the islands while Karla wanted them to be free. This falling out was the rise of this evil antagonist..

Blue Squad
Blue Squad


Chantal's silly right-hand-man that operates as the muscle of the antagonistic duo. His limited smarts are made up for with great strength and the ability to handle complex machines, especially the fishing vessel in which they move in during their excursions through the Galapagos Islands that works as a military aircraft carrier-type vessel from where they launch all the industrial machinery created by Chantal. Zimo also knows the oldest martial art in the country called Shuai Jiao, which is Chinese wrestling, and more often than not it’s used on his sidekick, Rocket.

Blue Squad


She’s not a real villainous character, just a clumsy tourist who, in her eagerness to show the world the biodiversity of Galapagos will commit innumerable blunders that will put the community and ecosystem at risk. However, thanks to the Blue Squad she will always be able to fix her mistakes… only to make them all over again. Oops.

Blue Squad

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